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How to Disassemble an HP Ink Printer Cartridge

How to Disassemble an HP Ink Printer Cartridge
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Adriana_Noton]Adriana Noton

When electronics and their related accessories reach a point where they can no longer be used by a consumer, or a person no longer has a need for it, they have the ability to send the item to a recycler. A recycler will strip it for its parts and the parts will be disposed of in a manner that does not harm the environment. This helps keep toxic material out of landfills where they can leach into the soil and water table. One such computer printer component that can be disassembled for recycling or repair is the Ink Printer Cartridge. The computer company Hewlett Packard has a disassemble program for ink printer cartridges. As well, some people may want to disassemble their HP ink printer cartridge for repair.

The following is a guide on how to disassemble an HP Ink Printer Cartridge as outlined by Hewlett Packard in their guide on Product End-of-Life Disassembly:

1. Acquire a Torx screwdriver
2. Remove the cartridge from the printer.
3. Remove all the case parts of the cartridge
4. Remove the power supply, all carriages and unconnected harnesses that are free standing and not connected to anything.
5. Remove RIDS, ISS, SS
6. Remove the hanger, star wheel, ram drive, and support OP
7. Remove sensors, LF motor, pin linkage, feed roller, pick roller, and level and paper guides
8. Remove lever-bypass and lower paper guide
9. Remove the side wall left and side wall right
10. Remove P Lift and Kicker

When one sends a printer cartridge to be recycled, the ink cartridges, toner bottles, and drum units are broken up into small pieces so that they can be manufactured into other sorts of material. The cartridges are organized according to the plastic that they are composed of. Magnets are utilized to retrieve the metal out of the demolished components. All other components of the cartridges are forwarded to other recycling agencies so they can be separated and manufactured into other types of products. Printer cartridge components can be manufactured into many products such as steel products, industrial plastics, new cartridge toners, aluminum materials, and much more. As well, ink and toner are kept out of the landfills. If it was not for recycling, a lot of energy and pollution would be emitted which makes recycling ink printer cartridges very beneficial for the people, animals, communities, and the planet.

As we move towards a technology driven world, we have to implement initiatives to combat e-waste. When it comes to ink printer cartridges, companies such as Hewlett Packard are creating important programs to help protect the environment. As well, local governments and municipalities are implementing their own recycling programs. When you can no longer use your ink printer cartridge, be kind to the environment and do not throw it in the garbage. There many organizations that can take the cartridge and recycle it. When protecting and conserving our environment, we have to adapt to technological changes in order to make sure we have a green planet in the future. Recycling HP Ink Printer Cartridges is an easy way to create a sustainable environment.

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